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 DuelMonsters MEGA Rules/Help #1-Duelist Status

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PostSubject: DuelMonsters MEGA Rules/Help #1-Duelist Status   Tue Jan 09, 2007 2:34 pm


Firstly of all go in the Introduction Of Duelists Board and post a topic saying that you joined and your Duelist Status will be set up.


Go to your Profile and set up your things. You'll See something called Duelist Status on your Profile page. It might say that your Duelist Status isn't generated yet. Post in the introduction Of Duelists Board and your Duelist Status will be set up.


Ok there's 5 things in the Duelist Status.

1-Duel Level
Your current Duel Level.

2-Duel Items
Duel Items are your...well items.

3-Duel Points (DP)
Duel Points is what you need to become better and have a higher rank. You earn Duel Points by winning duels or being a participant of a tournament, any special events.

3-Duel Items
Duel Items is your...well items. Enlist all your items
example-Duel Disk, Deck
That's mostly all you need to input for now.

4 & 5-Wins & Losses
When you win a duel you won! When you lose you lossed. Winning Helps you improve your rank. Losing helps you getting lower chances of increasing your rank. Whatever you do try to win it all!

That's all you really need to know about the Duelist Status.
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DuelMonsters MEGA Rules/Help #1-Duelist Status
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